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Grayson Rehm

We all hope for the presence of Angels on our shoulders watching over us, keeping us safe, inspiring us - for some, like Grayson, we know exactly who they are. Grayson’s older sister Sarah was born two years his prior with an undiagnosed case of CDH and tragically succumbed to difficulties associated two days later. Although he never had the chance to meet her in body, she has inspired everything he has done and still plans to do in spirit, and he often wonders what they’d be doing together had things gone differently. It’s not a burden he carries, but instead a privilege, a story, a permanent part of who he is.

The heartbreak of Sarah’s passing is also what now motivates his desire to pursue a degree in the medical field with the ultimate goal of graduating from medical school. The next stop on this journey will take Grayson to North Carolina State University this Fall, and from there the sky’s the limit. While continuing his education he plans to continue to fight in his sister’s image to raise awareness and funds for CDH. In his dad’s words “She was a fighter, she refused to give up even when the odds were stacked against her.”

For Grayson, his sister Sarah’s fight goes on, and we congratulate him on his receipt of a 2018 Fore Hope Scholarship!


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