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Johns Hopkins All Children's Hospital

The focus of Dr. Kays and his staffs research is focused squarely on maximizing both survival and quality of outcomes in infants with CDH. We have previously demonstrated the benefit of “gentle” ventilation strategies, the necessity of repairing the hernia, the role and effective duration of ECMO in severe CDH, and scientifically defined the optimal timing of CDH repair based on disease severity. 

CDH survival now exceeds 90% in our center, but survival is only one of the goals; brain preservation is the other.  The generous Fore Hadley donation helps fund our ongoing projects by assisting with both equipment purchases and statistical support.  These include analyzing treatment outcomes by developing complex statistical models of CDH severity, using sophisticated bedside monitoring tools to store and analyze brain oxygen delivery, and analyzing blood samples for chemical markers of brain injury. We seek to correlate minute to minute brain oxygenation during care for CDH with blood markers of brain injury, brain imaging at discharge, and subsequent neurodevelopmental outcomes. By linking the CDH clinical course with brain outcomes, we can better effect changes in care that will improve neurodevelopmental results.


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