Meet Maverick

CDH Support, CDH Awareness, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, Fore Hadley
CDH Support, CDH Awareness, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, Fore Hadley
CDH Support, CDH Awareness, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia


A “maverick” is defined as an independent person who does not take a traditional path. This name fits the newest addition to the Kneer family perfectly. Despite a long and perilous labor experience that involved an allergic reaction to medication, despite long days of surgery at two different hospitals, despite two weeks of an intensive ECMO stint, and despite an additional two months of reliance on ventilators, Maverick is determined to live up to his name and beat the odds.  And as you can see from the pictures, he also looks determined to look irresistibly cute doing it.

Maverick’s parents are currently traveling a non-traditional path as well as they remain steadfast in their desire to be at his side whenever and however possible.  They frequently road-trip the five hours back and forth between their home in Albany, NY and Boston Children's Hospital where Maverick is in the NICU. Of course this presents challenges at home with Maverick’s older siblings, who are 8 and 10.  He may have a couple more months to go, but everyone in the family is really looking forward to spending lots of time cuddling and snuggling with this sweet little guy when he is tube- and machine-free. 

Maverick and his family have been awarded a “Fore Hadley Angels in the NICU” grant to assist with the cost of getting Maverick back home as quickly as possible. The entire Fore Hadley Foundation continues to keep them in our thoughts and prayers, and we’re excited to watch Maverick grow up surrounded by those that love him most. We’re rooting for you Maverick, show us the way home!

About the Fore Hadley Angels in the NICU Fund

Support and proceeds for the Fore Hadley Angels in the NICU Fund will go towards assisting current and future families like Yonatan’s, by providing financial contributions to assist families with the costs associated with extended, long distance travel and living arrangements. Costs that are often a must to ensure the proper specialty care for CDH babies.