CDH - So What Happens Next?

The Fore Hadley Foundation has worked very closely with several clinical leaders from pediatric centers of excellence around the country to publish the document below that will hopefully you provide some very honest and transparent information on options for you and your child upon receiving a CDH diagnosis. This is not an all-encompassing publication but should give you a solid baseline understanding and serve to instill confidence and hope that you are not alone in this journey. Please download and share as much as needed with family and friends, the more they know and understand the better equipped they’ll be to help you during this journey.

Questions when choosing a CDH Surgeon or Program

Tiny Hero: A Real Hope for CDH

We know this can be an extremely confusing time and there are likely more questions than answers. In addition to the families in Our Stories who have offered to always take a call or email, we've partnered with Tiny Hero, another non-profit organization focused on providing support and education materials for families dealing with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia diagnosis. 

They have compiled an outstanding list of questions that you should be asking your doctor, and would also be willing to take a call regarding their personal experience with their CDH survivor, Adam.

Click the picture to learn more or visit here to download the questionnaire.