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Children's Healthcare of Philadelphia

CHOP’s Pulmonary Hypoplasia Program (PHP) provides multidisciplinary, long-term care to children with CDH and other conditions that limit lung growth resulting in pulmonary hypoplasia. The PHP team of specialists work together to improve children's pulmonary health, evaluate neurodevelopmental growth, monitor and treat any surgical issues that arise as children grow, meet nutritional needs, monitor for late onset hearing loss, help locate resources and support services, and more. Following children from birth throughout childhood ensures optimal outcomes and helps us to gain a better understanding of how this condition affects children over the long term.

CHOP is the only institution studying the neurodevelopmental outcomes of these patients.  "We are grateful for Fore Hadley’s generous support towards the PHP’s top current research priority – Understanding and Improving Outcomes for 8 to 13-Year-Old CDH Patients. This new and critically important research endeavor will improve care for current patients, provide the PHP team with the data needed to shape best practices for care, and enable parents whose baby has received a prenatal diagnosis to have a much clearer understanding of their unborn baby’s likely developmental, cardiopulmonary and psychosocial outcomes. The results of this research will be disseminated through journal publications as well as abstracts and presentations at academic meetings, enabling this work to impact CDH patients nationally and internationally."


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