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Nicholas Edwards

“You were created for a purpose” are words that Nicholas’ parents have instilled in him everyday since the day he was born – they’re words he repeats to himself in moments of struggle, difficulty, self-doubt, but especially during times of joy, achievement, and happiness. Having been diagnosed with CDH extremely late in his development Nicholas was only given a 10% chance of survival, but thanks to his own personal grit and the talent of his care teams he fought his way into this world – where now at 17 years old he recently graduated from New Milford High School in New Milford, CT.

Not content to simply rest after all he has already personally overcome, Nicholas is now determined to use his experience for the betterment of future children dealing with traumatic health issues and has enrolled in Western Connecticut State University to pursue a degree in Nursing – hoping to specialize in bringing calm to infants and children in situations of otherwise chaos and panic.

In his own words, “Life isn’t just quantified by the time we live, but is qualified by how we choose to live it” – truer words are rarely spoken Nicholas. Congratulations to Nicholas on his receipt of the 2018 Inteleca IT Fore Hope Scholarship!


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