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Emily Sowell

“I suppose I went through some adversity in my life, but I try not to dwell on it.” Having read Emily’s story we couldn’t help but shake our collective heads and smile – if you consider miracle surgery on her right-sided CDH, substantial time on ECMO, two bouts with sepsis, seven months on a ventilator, a tracheostomy and G-tube, misdiagnosed substantial hearing loss, spinal fusion surgery, and three years of corrective leg braces all before the age of 12, then yeah “some adversity” would be accurate! Seriously…are you kidding us?

But do not offer pity, it’s not Emily’s style – nope, they are all badges of honor she wears proudly and they’ve shaped who she is and what she eventually wants to become for the CDH community. She aspires to be a beacon of hope, a story of triumph, for those doubting that even the sickest of babies can go on to do amazing things in life.

Having recently graduated from Parklane Academy in McComb, MS, she will be attending Southwest Mississippi Community College in the Fall and while she is still undecided on a career she knows her story will give hope to future families dealing with CDH. Congratulations to Emily on her receipt of the 2018 Fore Hope Scholarship!


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