Katie Bush

Vice President
Senior Account Executive, Locumtenens.com

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, CDH, ECMO, CDH Support, Charity Golf

Mother to both Hadley and the Fore Hadley Foundation, Katie has been the constant rock and emotional compass that has driven everything Fore Hadley has been and will grow to be. Her willingness and desire to spread Hadley’s story and memory for the greater good of future infants and families in need is the lifeblood of why the Foundation exists. Throughout her career outside of Fore Hadley, Katie has excelled in various sales and marketing roles, and has developed a keen sense for producing content that lies at the intersection of emotional, personal, and professional. Obsessive over details and planning to nearly the point of mental paralysis, she is the occasional stick needed to keep the Board focused. Originally from St. Mary’s, GA (see: Jacksonville, FL), she lives in Atlanta, GA with Ryan and Huck.

Board of Directors