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Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, CDH, ECMO, CDH Support, Charity Golf
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, CDH, ECMO, CDH Support, Charity Golf
Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, CDH, ECMO, CDH Support, Charity Golf

Sebastian’s Story

Parents pass all sorts of hereditary traits and characteristics to their kids, be it their eyes, their chin, their laugh, their smile, or any of the countless quirks and mannerisms. It’s what makes the child who they are both outside and in, and will always be a part of who they become and where they will go. And while sweet Sebastian may indeed have his parents to thank for his dashing handsomeness, nothing shines brighter than the absolute warrior spirit he’s managed to pull from both his Mother and Father. In fact, it almost seems too perfect that Saint Sebastian is widely known as the Patron Saint of Soldiers and Athletes, because that is exactly what “Baby Bash” is, a soldier, and not by choice but by necessity, bravely fighting a battle he was literally born into.

Sebastian was born January 11, 2017 at VCU Medical Center in Richmond, VA. Originally a plan was put in place for him to be delivered at Johns Hopkins Medical Center at Baltimore at 39 weeks, however not being one to sit idly and wait for the fight to come to him Sebastian sounded the battle call a bit early forcing a change of plans to delivery at the nearest suitable NICU. For over three months Sebastian has fought day in and day out carving out his own piece of this world. From his immediate recovery and stabilization, through an ECMO cycle, through de-intubation, then re-intubation, and hundreds of other pendulum swings in between, Sebastian the soldier trudges on. And on days when his family is exhausted, sad, or discouraged, he puts them on his tiny baby shoulders and brings them with him as he wades back into the fray.

Through his entire life his parents have not left his side, and as such they’ve endured not only endless emotional hardship, but also persevered through other all too real pain and suffering as the world outside the walls of Sebastian’s bed continues to roll on. We’ve been so touched and inspired by Sebastian and his family, and were honored to provide them even the smallest bit of relief through a Fore Hadley Angels in the NICU grant. Like everyone else, we continue to look on in amazement as little Sebastian soldiers on, knowing full well this battle he fights will eventually be won.

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About the Fore Hadley Angels in the NICU Fund

Support and proceeds for the Fore Hadley Angels in the NICU Fund will go towards assisting current and future families like Sebastian’s, by providing financial contributions to assist families with the costs associated with extended, long distance travel and living arrangements. Costs that are often a must to ensure the proper specialty care for CDH babies.