Meet Yonatan

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There are happy babies, and then there is Yonatan. Who despite all he has been through before his 3-month birthday, can’t stop laughing, smiling, and constantly hamming it up for his family and care team at Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, FL. Having made a temporary move from Melbourne, he exhibits a zest for being alive in its purest form and serves as an inspiration to his two older siblings that no matter what the odds, hope will always overcome. Under the watchful eye of Dr. David Kays and his team, Yonatan underwent two separate surgeries to repair what was a very substantial hole in his diaphragm, both times rebounding tremendously and now he continues to grow stronger by the day - up and over 9 pounds!  A quote we’ve heard often comes to mind when thinking of young Yonatan:

Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” – Joshua J. Marine

Never one to back away from a challenge Yonatan was born on October 19, 2017 to parents Franceny and Fammadera. Since his diagnosis and birth, Mom and Dad spent countless hours criss-crossing the state in order to continue caring for their two other children at home in Melbourne, while also being at Yonatan’s bedside as often as possible to cheer on his recovery. They’ve made ends meet in any and every way they know how, even with Franceny having to leave her job in order to focus on her baby, but they know this is a price worth paying as they look into Yonatan’s big, bright eyes. They recently packed up and headed back home to be complete as a family once more, and in order to make their transition as seamless as possible, we’re honored to provide the family a Fore Hadley Angels in the NICU grant to assist in Yonatan’s ongoing recovery. Keep up the fight Yonatan and family, you’ll look back at this challenge and smile one day – like the huge smile your baby boy always wears!

About the Fore Hadley Angels in the NICU Fund

Support and proceeds for the Fore Hadley Angels in the NICU Fund will go towards assisting current and future families like Yonatan’s, by providing financial contributions to assist families with the costs associated with extended, long distance travel and living arrangements. Costs that are often a must to ensure the proper specialty care for CDH babies.